Support to the EAC Integration Process Pandemic Preparedness Support the EAC Secretariat for Pandemic Preparedness Centre of Excellence for ICT Develop a demand oriented Master Degree in Mobile and Embedded Systems EAC - GIZ Programme Cluster Integration Management Quality Management System (QMS) East African Monitor- ing System (EAMS) Communication Improve steering of regional integration: Socio - Economic Integration Local Pharmaceutical manufacturing Portability of Health Services (PHS) Promote: Economic Integration Trade Facilitation Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) Trade in Services negotiations Tax Harmonisation Preparation of the Monetary Union Support: 10 11 Objective: The economic and social integration of the EAC partner countries is deepened German Development Cooperation (GDC) involve- ment with the EAC started in 1998, with a focus on the institutional strengthening of the EAC Secretar- iat. Meanwhile, the GDC support includes several programmes and projects with a focus on health and economic development. Focal areas of the GIZ programmes include economic integration, pandemic preparedness, and excellence in the field of ICT. EAC-GIZ Programme Cluster