Economic Indicators of the EAC Social Indicators of the EAC GDP Growth (2016, World Bank) EAC Average (without South Sudan) 5.6% GDP per Capita in USD (2016, World Bank) EAC Average USD 901 Foreign Direct Investment in USD (2016, Unctad STAT) EAC Average USD 2,693 Manufacturing Value Added per Capita in USD (see also the box on page 28 of this journal) EAC Average USD 69 TZ RSS UG KE Population (2016, IMF) Youth (aged 15-24) as % of Population (2016, World Bank) % of Population who live on less than USD 1.90 per day (2016, UNDP) Life Expectancy in years (2016, UNDP) % of Population with Health Insurance (2016) Maternal Mortality Rate per 100,000 births (2016, World Bank) 11.5m 19% 60% 9.6m 19.5% 78% 58