Pandemic Preparedness Support the EAC Secretariat for Pandemic Preparedness Centre of Excellence for ICT Develop a demand oriented Master Degree in Mobile and Embedded Systems EAC - GIZ Programme Processes at the EAC Secretariat (QMS, EAMS, Communica- tion) Promote Private Sector Involvement EAC Secretariat and Non-State Actors Support to the EAC Integration Process EAC-EU Market Access Upgrade programme (MARKUP; jointly with the EU) Promote local Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Support to Trade Integration Preparation of the Monetary Union Economic Integration Creating Perspectives Business for Development Create business partnerships between German and EAC companies IIDEA – Incubator for Integration and development in East Africa 10 11 Objective: The economic and social integration of the EAC partner countries is deepened German Development Cooperation (GDC) involve- ment with the EAC started in 1998, with a focus on the institutional strengthening of the EAC Secretar- iat. Meanwhile, the GDC support includes several programmes and projects with a focus on health and economic development. Focal areas of the GIZ programmes include economic integration, pandemic preparedness, and excellence in the field of ICT. EAC-GIZ Programme Cluster