36 37 DOADOA-East African Performing Arts Market was initiated by the Bayimba Cultural Foundation to develop the East African Market for Performing Arts into the leading professional networking plat- form for regional industry professionals. DOADOA aims to bring about a rise in the exposure of East African performing artists within and beyond the region. This will en- able East African artists and creative indus- try professionals to showcase and promote themselves in new markets and receive both regional and international exposure. On average, only roughly 25% of the EAC’s population has health insurance. For many of them, it is simply not affordable, but the fear of losing money paid for the yearly contributions in case they do not utilise their in- surance is also a factor. People without health insurance face unexpected high costs and may not be able to access treatment when they need it, potentially resulting in fi- nancial ruin or even death. In response, CreativeDNA has developed clinicPesa, a secure, fast, and reliable real-time digital savings platform. It empowers poor people and uninsured populations to plan for their future healthcare needs. Setting aside funds enables them to pay their medi- cal bills in times of need at any registered healthcare facil- ity within the East African region without worry of losing their money if unused. Partners