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#11 The Role of EAC Youth in the Fight against COVID-19 and beyond
Youth engagement is essential for successful regional integration while integration benefits youth! EAC Youth Ambassadors Charlotte Natukunda Kashisha (Uganda) and Raymond C Maro (Tanzania) give an insight into how youth in the EAC is engaging in the fight against COVID-19. Furthermore, they point out exactly why youth engagement is an integral cornerstone of East African integration and how regional integration benefits youth all over the region.
Charlotte Natukunda Kashisha, EAC Youth Ambassador Uganda & Raymond C. Maro, EAC Youth Ambassador Tanzania

Short BIO

Charlotte is the EAC Youth Amabassador to the Republic of Uganda. She is also a lawyer, author and politician in Uganda. She previously contested for National Female Youth Member of Parliament in the 2021 elections. Charlotte has a vast experience on youth issues having worked with various youth-led organisations, both national and regional. Raymond is a consultant on regional integration frameworks with an immense experience on the youth development agenda. He is the first EAC Youth Ambassador to the United Republic of Tanzania. Raymond has worked closely with youth leaders youth-led organisation on EAC regional integration under the aegis of the EAC Secretariat
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