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#9 Keeping Citizens Healthy at EAC Airports during COVID-19
As airports worldwide and in the EAC reopen, staff and passengers need to be kept healthy. Mr Emile Aroa, Executive Director of East African Community Civil Aviation Safety & Security Oversight Agency (CASSOA) explains how CASSOA, in cooperation with AMREF Flying Doctors and supported by EAC-GIZ, keeps citizens safe and secure in the aviation industry while traveling in the times of COVID-19. Immigration officers, port health personnel, pilots, cabin crews all have a role to play to stay safe themselves and safeguard others while traveling.
Emile Nguza Aroa, Executive Director EAC – CASSOA

Short BIO

Emile Nguza Arao, also known as the “Business Advisor”, is the Executive Director of the EAC’s Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Organization (EAC – CASSOA). He is an avid entrepreneur in different industries with over 15 years of experience in diverse areas of the aviation industry. With his background in flying, fixing, designing and managing aviation ventures in different parts of the world, his current position gives him a bird’s eye view of areas that need strategic safety and security interventions for the benefit of the aviation industry in the region. At CASSOA, his role is primarily driving innovation whilst inspiring others to not see what their environment is, but what it could be!
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