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#2 The Impacts of COVID-19 on EAC Customs and Trade
Senior EAC-GIZ Customs and Trade expert Marvin Nuwagaba outlines how regional economic integration impacts every level of society. From creating the easiest way to ship goods from any East African port to the land-locked EAC countries Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi, to helping facilitate cross regional recognition of qualifications and certificates so accountants and service providers can work throughout the region.
Marvin Nuwagaba, Senior Advisor EAC-GIZ

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Marvin Nuwagaba is a senior expert on Custom and Trade for EAC-GIZ, working in initiatives including tourism and easing regional service delivery. Being part of numerous initiatives Marvin facilitates dialogues with key stakeholders across the regional customs and trade sectors and hopes to ease cross-border trade and employment in the EAC.
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