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#6 Industrial Growth and Development in the EAC
Eng. Jennifer Gache, Industrial Development Advisor at the EAC, discusses the priorities of industrial development in the East African Community – processing of food, production of essential medicines, production of fertiliser for agricultural production, cement production, bio-energy and petroleum products. She also talks about the quick adaptation of pharmaceutical and chemical production to the meet the new requirements of COVID-19.
Eng Jennifer Gache, Advisor EAC-GIZ (GFA)

Short BIO

Eng Jennifer A. Gache is enthusiastic about increasing intra-EAC trade by promoting value addition, development of micro, small and medium enterprises as well as engagement of private sector in the EAC. She currently provides technical support to the EAC as a Regional Expert in the Regional Industrial Value Addition (RIVA) project which focuses on the pharmaceutical, leather and fruits and vegetables sectors. In this role, she supports the creation of enabling framework conditions and opportunities for the manufacture and trade of safe and quality assured products. Jennifer has over 20 years of experience working in project management, industrial development, regional integration and trade at national and regional levels. She holds a MBA in Operations Management and Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Production Technology option.
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