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One of the responsibilities of the EAC Secretariat is to promote and disseminate information on the Community to all stakeholders including the public. To this end, the EAC Information Resource Centre (IRC) plays a central role as a provider of information and knowledge to the EAC Organs and Institutions, Partner States Ministries and departments as well as consultants, researchers and the public for policy harmonisation, decision making process and for strategic networking with the stakeholders both within East Africa and outside. The IRC manages and maintains an electronic Library (e-Library). The e-Library avails access to diverse and rich information and knowledge on the EAC Regional Integration agenda. Resources dating back since 1993, have been digitised and are available online in full text.

The mission of the IRC is to develop a specialized centre of information and knowledge on the East African Community regional integration journey Therefore, the IRC aims to avail relevant information and knowledge in support of the Organs of the Community in fulfilling their mandate; to specialise in the collection, organisation, and dissemination of analysed information in areas of cooperation; and to collaborate with other information centres in EAC institutions/ Partner States to develop local content of the EAC region.

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