The East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP), in collaboration with the EAC Secretariat, and support from EAC-GIZ through the Intra-Regional Trade Facility Initiative (IRTF), successfully launched the project Value Addition for Increased Market Access in the Moringa Sector in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the 25th to 27th November 2020. The opening training workshop included women in the moringa value chain from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. They were trained on branding, packaging, and standard certification. 

“The EAWiBP project on value addition for increased market access in the agro-processing sector, connecting and linking women in moringa business across the three EAC Partner States Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, contributes directly to promoting women in socio-economic development and business,” stressed the EAC Secretariat Principal Gender and Community Development Officer, Ms Generose Minani. The project engages and supports women in moringa production and trade and focuses on improving competitiveness and strengthening value addition for moringa products for easy market access. EAWiBP Chair Person, Ms. Angela Begaine, indicated that as a result of the implementation of this project, national associations of moringa producers and traders had been established in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania well as a functional e-hub for showcasing and connecting women entrepreneurs in moringa sector. Begaine added that EAC women traders faced multiple challenges which discourage their full participation in regional trade. 

“The training is an opportunity to strengthen the role of women in EAC cross-border trade towards promoting trade and gender in the EAC.” Mr Bernd Schmidt, Deputy Programme Manager, EAC-GIZ SEAMPEC Programme, pointed out that EAWiBP’s project was an important contribution to ensuring that women in business had relevant economic information at their fingertips and gained access to the skills that grant them effective participation in regional trade. He underscored that EAC-GIZ supports this project due to the importance of providing women in business with all possible opportunities to reap the social and economic benefits of cross-border trade through participation, networking, digital tools and advocacy for policies and legislation that facilitate their doing of business. Mr Schmidt concluded that the new e-hub was an excellent initiative for facilitating market access and linkages for women entrepreneurs both in and outside the region because e-commerce had a great potential to facilitate cross-border trade. He called upon all women in business to make use of this new tool effectively and efficiently to strengthen their business. More information can be found on the IIDEA website.

Photo:  ©EAWiBP