December 14th, 2021

EAC establishes a Regional Potato Platform supported by EAC-GIZ (GIZ)

The vision of the EAC is “to attain a prosperous, competitive, secure, stable and politically united East Africa”. In the pursuit to fulfil this vision, different studies have noted that there is a need for private sector and public agencies to frequently engage on policy matters that affect the seed potato availability and trade in the region.

During a regional workshop that was organized by GIZ’s Agricultural Policy and Innovation Fund (FABI) in Moshi, Tanzania from 11 to 12 November 2021, delegates from all six EAC Partner States presented their country situation regarding platforms and coordination mechanism that exist at the national level.

This discussion led to the recommendation for the establishment of a regional platform to promote dialogue and interactions among public, private sector and development partners on policy matters in the potato sector. Furthermore, the platform will strengthen business partnerships as well as information and knowledge exchange. It is linked to the apex national associations and mandated regulatory agencies in Partner States to ensure coherency and proper coordination of actions.