September 15th, 2023

EAC-GIZ Health Projects join the Global Conference of the Sector Network Health and Social Protection (GIZ)

From 5 to 7 September, the Global Conference of the Sector Network Health and Social Protection (SN HeSP) was held in Bad Soden, Germany. The event brought together GIZ health projects who are members of the SN HeSP network from different parts of the world to share experiences and discuss challenges in health and social protection.

Representatives from the EAC-GIZ health projects, Pandemic Preparedness (Pan Prep) and Global Programme on Pandemic Prevention and Response, One Health (GP PPOH) jointly presented on “Strengthening Pandemic Preparedness, Prevention, and Control: A Case for East African Community”. The team shared invaluable insights into their experiences, achievements, and challenges in supporting the EAC in addressing health issues within the region.

The meeting also aimed at familiarising participants with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) “Core area strategy 6” which outlines a roadmap that emphasises the strengthening of health and social protection systems. This approach includes One Health strategies, Feminist Development Policy, national financing mechanisms, and digital transformation. These strategic pillars align closely with GIZ's Corporate Strategy for 2023 to 2027, which emphasises integrated solutions driven by digital transformation.

The conference featured presentations from BMZ and the network working groups, highlighting their ongoing and future initiatives. It also facilitated different group discussions. These sessions focused on core area strategy 6, best practice examples and the GIZ corporate strategy. It also provided a platform for networking, facilitating exploration of potential areas for collaboration. Participants were encouraged to grasp the GIZ Corporate Strategy for 2023 to 2027/Destination 2028 and understand its expectations for sector network members.

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