October 6th, 2023

EAC Inducts New Staff and Builds Leadership Capacities (GIZ)

From 4 to 6 October, leaders and top managers at the East African Community (EAC) Organs and Institutions participated in an induction workshop. They were called upon to endeavour to always listen and understand the roles of staff working under them. Making the call, EAC Secretary General Hon. Dr Peter Mathuki noted that it is through synergy and solidarity among staff of all cadres that the integration process will be moved forward as expected by EAC citizens.

Dr. Mathuki highlighted that EAC, which is on a trajectory of expansion that has resulted in a bigger market for the business community, was poised to help the African Union attain its goal of an African Economic Community by the year 2063.

Dr. Mathuki officially opened the three-day induction workshop for the two EAC new Deputy Secretary Generals, namely: Hon. Andrea Ariik Aguer Malueth (Infrastructure, Productive, Social and Political Sectors) and Ms. Annette Ssemuwemba (Customs, Trade and Monetary Affairs) and the members of staff at the EAC Organs and Institutions who were recruited earlier this year. He reminded EAC members of staff that they were privileged among many East Africans to serve at the bloc, adding that challenges should not take them backward but move them forward since humans use crises to grow.

Speaking at the event, the Judge President of the East African Court of Justice, Justice Nestor Kayobera, said that teamwork among leaders and staff could solve many problems in organisations. He added that good faith and respect was indispensable in enhancing staff relations and improving performance at the workplace.

The GIZ Support to East African Integration Coordinator, Mr Bjoern Richter, addressed the EAC members of staff and other guests during the induction workshop, he mentioned that GIZ is keen on working with EAC on matters of organizational development. He added that GIZ is looking forward to supporting the EAC in strategic communication so as to ensure that the integration process and its achievements trickles down to the people at the grassroots.


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