June 30th, 2024

EAC Secretariat Accelerates Efforts Towards Comprehensive Regional Digital Transformation Strategy (GIZ)

The East African Community is in the final stages of consultation for the EAC Regional Digital Transformation Strategy 2024–2030, aimed at driving economic growth, regional integration, and sustainable development through digital technologies across the region.

The EAC has been proactive in its digital transformation journey, with initial consultation with Partner States in 2022 and further increasing the momentum at the EAC Regional Digital Transformation Conference, held in October 2023, in collaboration with the European Union, through a Team Europe Initiative. The strategy aims at leveraging the endorsement of the AfCFTA Digital Trade Protocol and the AU Digital Transformation Strategy to enhance connectivity, foster a digital economy, and promote sustainable development.

Key areas forming the EAC Digital Transformation strategy include digital connectivity and infrastructure, digital skills and innovation, the digital economy, a harmonised legal and policy environment, emerging technologies, and digital public infrastructure.

In June and July 2024, the EAC, in partnership with GIZ, will conduct national consultations across all eight EAC Partner States, followed by regional validation workshops. The final strategy will be presented at the ICT Ministerial Conference on the sidelines of the Transform Africa Summit on August 28, 2024. The EAC's commitment to digital innovation aims to position the region as a leader in digital transformation, foster inclusive growth, and advance towards a unified EAC Single Digital Market.

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