May 22nd, 2023

Tender Invitation - Developing a Strategy for Food Safety in the EAC (GP PPOH) (GIZ)

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the GIZ Global Programme for “Pandemic Prevention and Response, One Health” (GP PPOH) aims to strengthen national, regional and global capacities for epidemic prevention and response with the One Health (OH) approach.

As part of the GP PPOH, a regional package focuses on supporting the institutionalization of the OH approach in the EAC, in line with the regional OH Strategy, and under the leadership of the EAC Secretariat. One output of this cooperation focuses on strengthening the One Health approach to food safety at the animal-human interface.

A lack of coordination among various national and international agencies and stakeholders as well as a variability in governance structures in charge of food safety in the EAC Partner States has been observed, requiring a regional strategy that addresses these challenges.

Against this background, the GP PPOH, on behalf of the EAC Secretariat, seeks the support of a regional consultant to develop the Strategy for Food Safety in the EAC in order to achieve a feasible level of harmonization and encourage the streamlining of national structures and mandates, while considering facilitation of regional trade and collaboration and prevention of duplication of efforts. Under the guiding principles of protecting consumer health as well as protecting consumers from fraud and achieving economic prosperity while maintaining environmental sustainability and social justice.

GIZ invites a regional consultant with at least 10 years of professional experience in food safety, food security, and nutrition. The regional consultant should have specific experience in developing and implementing food safety policies and programmes in the African context, including demonstrated experiences in conducting literature reviews, data analysis, and report writing, project management and multi-stakeholder engagement. Experience working with the EAC and other stakeholders in the field of food safety is a strong asset.

Interested candidates should request for detailed tender documents from giz-tanzania@giz.de no later than 2nd June 2023 and submit Technical and Financial proposals by email no later than 9th June 2023.