February 7th, 2024

The EAC Visits ECOWAS Commission for a Benchmarking Mission (GIZ)

From 5th to 6th February 2024, a delegation of the East African Community (EAC), led by Hon. Andrea Aguer Arik Malueth, the Deputy Secretary General (Infrastructure, Productive, Social and Political Sectors), paid a visit to the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja, Nigeria, for a benchmarking mission in order to enhance Integration in the East African Region.

The EAC Delegation was welcomed by H.E. Dr. Omar Alieu Touray, the President of the ECOWAS Commission. In his address, Dr. Touray highlighted the importance of collaboration among the Regional Economic Communities (RECs). Adding that “it is good we learn from each other”.

Hon. Andrea Aguer Arik Malueth equally stressed the importance for EAC to learn from the experiences of ECOWAS in their journey to effectively promote trade and Integration: “We believe that EAC and ECOWAS can learn from each other and jointly promote regional integration in Africa”.

The EAC delegation held discussions with the Office of the Vice President on institutional reforms implemented at the ECOWAS Commission in the last decade. Further, sectoral discussions were held with the Commissioner for Internal Services, the Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, the Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy and Digitalization, as well as the Commissioner Economic Affairs and Agriculture.

Both sides agreed to further foster bilateral engagement to strengthen peer learning between RECs.


The mission was supported by GIZ as part of the cooperation between the German Government and the EAC on organisational development.

GIZ, via the SEAMPEC II project, works to strengthen the capacities of the EAC Secretariat to implement the 6th EAC Development Strategy, which focuses on increasing value-addition, industrial development, innovation and investment.

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