Border Governance in Africa - Support to the African Union Border Programme (GIZ-AUPB, GIZ)


GIZ-AUBP is a regional program working with African Union Member States, Regional Economic Communities such as the EAC and the African Union Commission to implement the African Union Border Programme (AUBP). The program focuses on preventing border-related conflicts, disputes and insecurity which undermine the integration goals. The program further works with its partners to foster regional and continental integration through cross-border cooperation leading to safe and open borders transforming these “from barriers to bridges” as per the motto of the AUBP.

For regional blocs such as the EAC, border governance plays a key role in stabilising the region and creating a conducive environment for regional integration. Therefore, the objective of GIZ-AUBP at the EAC is to promote peace, security, integration and development through improved border governance and implementation of the AUBP. In this regard, the cooperation at the EAC level focuses on setting regional border governance policy frameworks especially in terms of cross-border security and coordinated border governance, developing and implementing capacity development tools for border officers (training of officers on coordinated border management at official crossing points and border patrol officers), spurring inclusive approaches to border governance by bringing together border officials, border communities, youth and cross-border traders (especially women). Furthermore, GIZ-AUBP cooperates with the EAC to tackle harassment and unethical behaviors at border crossing points that may hinder the integration ideals, limiting cross-border criminal activities in the region and developing border zones which are the gateway to regional integration.

GIZ-AUBP is commissioned by the Federal Foreign Office of the Republic of Germany.

For additional information, you can also take a look into the GIZ-AUBP factsheet here.

Photo: ©GIZ_Mkandawire