Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Programme (LVB IWRMP, KfW)

About LVB IWRMP The Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Program (LVB IWRMP) is a cornerstone of the East African Community’s efforts to address the challenges facing the Lake Victoria Basin and its water resources.

The Lake Victoria Basin Commission’s (LVBC), a specialized EAC-institution, oversees the implementation. It works in close partnership with the EAC states Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi in the Lake Victoria catchment area to achieve the IWRMP’s goals. Its efforts are financially supported by the European Union and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, which provide funding via the KfW Development Bank.

The IWRMP is built on two components:

  1. The strengthening of capacity for cross-boundary integrated water resources management at LVBC through defining a mutually approved and legally anchored IWRM strategy for the basin and establishing a Water Information System. This supports a list of prioritized investment projects for subsequent financing phases.

  2. The improvement of water quality by reducing effluents into Lake Victoria. Four High Priority Investments (HPIs) will be implemented for this purpose in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

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