Pan-African e-Commerce Initiative (PeCI, GIZ)


e-commerce is based on modern technologies such as mobile trading, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, online transaction processing and supply chain management for B2B. It allows companies to provide new products and services to a larger number of digitally-connected customers regionally and worldwide. Many stakeholders and suppliers must be connected to coordinate all processes in place.

Therefore, the EAC is developing a model framework on e-commerce related aspects of consumer protection for postal services with the support of EAC-GIZ under the project “Pan-African e-Commerce Initiative – Boosting African Digital Trade in Africa” (PeCI).

Besides, PeCI also supports the development of a regional cross-border B2B platform in a sector to be selected to boost digital trade in the region. The programme liaises with SEAMPEC (Support to the East African Market-Driven People-Centred Integration) in this regard.

PeCI is commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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Photo: ©GIZ_Mali Lazell