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Welcome to EAC-GIZ Insights
Our video series #EACGIZINSIGHTS provides you with a behind-the-scenes look into EAC integration. Experts from EAC-GIZ as wells as from our partners speak to you about their experiences in the integration process and how you are positively affected by their everyday work. Get directly in touch with the experts and pose your questions to them in our social media channels. If you want to hear more about a certain topic that has not yet been covered by #EACGIZINSIGHTS, just leave us a comment and we might do an episode on your topic soon. A new episode will air every three months.
Are you interested in EAC integration and want to learn about a specific topic or have a specific question? Just reach out to us by posting your thoughts in our social media channels. You will hear from us and we might even do a new #EACGIZINSIGHTS episode on your topic!
You can find the EAC-GIZ Insights episodes on our social media pages. Subscribe or follow us to stay tuned.